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All cold water filters


The "MOBY" all cold water filter

If you want to filter all the cold water to your existing cold water tap or for the whole house then you need a better flow rate and much longer cartridge life than you can get with a just an undersink drinking water filter.
The Moby is a wide bowl filter kit taking much larger industry standard 10" x 4.1/4" cartridges.
Installation kits are included.

The cartridges are activated carbon block which not only gives better filtration than granular carbon (GAC) but also far higher flower rates.

Cartridge Life
Better than 45,000 litres, around 10,000 gallons, minimum(depending on how dirty and chlorinated your water is).

Flow Rates:
With the 5 micron cartridge, flow is reduced by only 15% at most which, at typical public water supply pressures, you will barely notice.
At up to 30%, the 0.6 micron cartridge should only be used for your kitchen cold tap.


To filter 1 existing cold water tap - no need for a separate or 3 way tap


New filter cartridges for the 'Moby' all cold water filter systems.

Moby filters

Multiple Mobys (2 to 5) with installation kits

PRICES: For British Mainland, the price you see is the total price you pay (including delivery)
at the extra cost elsewhere - please see "Cart" after you have made your choice.

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