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Water Filter Cartridge Life

In fact, it is impossible to give a precise and unconditional answer to the question of filter cartridge life; there are too many variables. This is why we do not sell filter & purifier sets with water meters or other control devices as standard and leave the choice to you.


Water filter cartridge life will be shortened or lengthened by your quality of water. The more contaminated it is, the shorter the life. Water quality varies widely from area to area. Worse, it varies from season to season even in the same water supply area.


How long, in time, will the filter cartridge last? This will be affected by water quality (above) and by how many people there are in your household; ie how much filtered / purified water you draw for drinking and cooking etc.


Over the years, we have gathered and collated water filter cartridge replacement data and have taken an honest and professional estimate with a large safety margin of 25%.


The result is the capacity we give in litres and, most of the time, these figures are safe. Rarely, cartridge replacement is needed before the stated capacity and this has been traced back to periods of poor quality water supply due to, eg, work being done on the water supply mains pipes by your water supplier. While it is inconvenient to have to purchase and install a new filter cartridge a little ahead of time, at least you know the the water filter has been doing its job!


For better than 99% of our customers, our figures can be relied upon as a minimum life..

How do you know when to change the cartridges?


Firstly. When the cartridge is depleted, the change in taste and odour is quite marked and sudden. Many of our customers store a spare filter cartridge against this eventuality but they are available from us ex-stock.


Secondly. We operate a 6 monthly cartridge replacement reminder service and will send you a reminder/order form.


Nevertheless, many people, indeed most, prefer a definite indicator so we offer an auto shut-off water meter wmeterbutton.jpg from £32.95. Set the meter to the cartridge capacity and it will automatically shut off at the given figure. Page link >>Auto shut-off water filter meter.


Based on our customers experiences and, indeed, our own personal experiences, we recommend that you allow a minimum of 3,000 litres per adult per year & 1,500 litres per child. These figures allow for food preparation and cooking..

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