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MOBY Cold water tap filter

MOBY cold water tap filter

with installation kit

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Price: £129.50

For your existing cold water tap - no need for a separate or 3 way tap.


Main picture shows housing & cap, housing wrench, right angled bracket and screws.




For cartridge options, please see below.

Picture of cap and 1 inch BSP ports:

Moby Housing Specifications:
The Moby is a wide bowl water filter kit (aka Big Blue) taking industry standard 10" x 4.1/4" cartridges.
For Fitting allow a minimum of 15" (38cm) height x 12" (30cm) width x 7" (18cm) depth. Dimensions allow for the pre-installed bush and 15mm compression connector set of the installation kit but not the flexible hoses and valves. Supplied with Mounting Bracket & Screws and installation kit:

Moby Installation Kit

1. 2 off 1 inch BSP male to 15mm compression adaptor kits (1 for each port - shown loose assembled to the cap).
2. Clockwise, right to left - 15mm compression Isolation Valve + Flexible Hose for ease of fitting + Combination Double Check(non-return*) and Shut-Off Valve.
* To comply with the 'Water Regulations'.

Not supplied because we are site unseen: The 15mm copper pipe, elbows etc you will need. These are easily and cheaply available at plumbers and builders merchants & DIY stores and ironmongers. We recommend that you use a plumber who will have all these little extras anyway..

Coconut shell Carbon Block technology. Purified water for your existing cold tap.
Cartridge Life: Better than 45,000 litres, around 10,000 gallons, minimum(depending on how dirty and chlorinated your water is).

Cartridge Options:

At £45.00 the 5 micron coconut shell carbon block cartridge (10" x 4.1/4") for better than 99% of:
Chlorine, Chloramines and Trihalomethanes (THMs - carcinogenic chlorine disinfection byproducts)
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) eg pesticides & herbicides....
Particulate matter and sediments greater than 5 micron.

At £59.75 the 0.6 micron carbon block cartridge (10" x 4.1/4") for, additionally:
Particulate matter and sediments greater than 0.6 micron.
Chlorine resistant Cysts (oocysts - eg cryptosporidium, giardia...).

Water flow:
5 micron cartridge; flow will be slightly reduced, by as much as 15%, but you will barely notice at typical public water supply pressures.
0.6 micron cartridge; by as much as 30% but this will not really be an inconvenience at the kitchen sink as none of us turn the cold tap full on anyway.

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at the extra cost elsewhere - please see "Cart" after you have made your choice.

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