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MOBY RIO Whole house private water filter

RIO moby

Beyond Ultra Violet ( UV) water treatment

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Price: £238.00

The modern alternative to ultra violet ( UV) disinfection,

Main picture shows housing & cap, housing wrench, right angled bracket and screws.

Priced totally complete & with carousel, 6 sterasyl candles (cartridges) and cleaning brush.

Price also includes a fitting kit. Please see details below.


Please read all of this below; you may prefer to print it out (it's a big page!) and read it at your leisure.

Included in the price:

Moby Housing Specifications:

The Moby is a wide bowl water filter kit (aka Big Blue).
For Fitting allow a minimum of 15" (38cm) height x 12" (30cm) width x 7" (18cm) depth. Dimensions allow for the adaptor set of the installation kit but not the flexible hose which is 30cm long.
Ports are 1" BSP and prefitted with 1" bushes to match the 15mm Compression adaptors supplied with the kit.
Supplied with Mounting Bracket, Housing Wrench & Screws and 15mm installation kit:; Comprising:
1. 2 off 15mm compression connectors to match the pre-installed bushes in the cap..
2. 2 off 15mm x 15mm x 300mm flexible hoses.
3. 2 off 15mm full bore lever ball valves.

The 22mm Kit has (no flexis):
2 off 22mm compression nut and olive to fit the 22mm pre-installed cap bushes and<
2 off 22mm full bore lever ball valves.

RIO Carousel and 6 cartridges 'RIO' Carousel and all 6 Doulton Sterasyl candles (cartridges) .


The silver impregnated, 0.5 nominal to 0.9 micron absolute, ceramic candle (cartridge) is self-sterilising:
E.Coli, Coliforms, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Salmonella, Shigella, Typhoid, Klebsiella, Cholera - all better than 99.99%.
Turbidity (particulates & sediments) - better than 99.7%.

The Sterasyl cartridges are scrubbable with a stiff brush(supplied). When the flow rate drops because of fouling, take the cartridges out and scour them with the brush.


Typical Flow Rates:
Can be plotted on a straight line graph
at 30psi = 1,333 litres/hour
at 45 psi = 2,000 litres/hour (33 litres a minute).
at 60 psi = 2,666 litres/hour


The maximum recommended flow rate for best performance is 2000 litres/hour

Recommended cartridge change frequency is at least once every 12 months.
Pack of 6 new cartridges is £88.50/lot


Delivery to a British mainland address, at the extra cost elsewhere (the "cart" will work this out for you).


Not included in the price:
Because we are site unseen: Any 15mm or 22mm copper pipe and sundry fittings etc you might need. These are easily and cheaply available at plumbers and builders merchants & DIY stores and ironmongers .


A spare Plenum with 6 cartridges installed ready for use.
Plenum with 6 cartridges installed
We suggest that you purchase an extra Plenum and 6 cartridges with your system. This way you will have duty and stand-by for quick changes so that the supply is only disrupted for a few minutes. Besides being a little cheaper to buy now, you will also be able to scrub the cartridges clean at your leisure.
Assuming equal use, the recommended cartridge change is doubled to 24 months.
(Cartridges not in use should be dried and stored in a dark dry environment - absolutely no sunlight at all).
If you want to buy this with your new Moby Rio, please use the drop down menu next to "Add to Cart", click on '+ Spare Plenum' then click "Add to Cart".


Turbidity Pre-Filtration.
If the water is clear, you probably do not need any pre-filtration. We suggest you proceed with the Moby Rio only and add a pre-filter later if you find that you are having to clean the cartridges too frequently.
If the water is discoloured or not clear, then you will need to pre-filter. At 0.5micron nominal to 0.9 micron absolute; the 6 sterasyls will foul very quickly. Please call us to discuss.



Some installation formats for you to consider:

15 mm, no pre-filter:
15 mm, no pre-filter


15mm with pre-filter:
15mm with pre-filter

22 mm, no pre-filter:
22 mm, no pre-filter

22 mm with pre-filter:
22 mm with pre-filter

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6 Doulton Sterasyl cartridges installed to plenum
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PRICES: For British Mainland, the price you see is the total price you pay (including delivery)
at the extra cost elsewhere - please see "Cart" after you have made your choice.

Prefer to phone? Need some help? Real people on 01945 589583 9.00am to 6.30pm Mon - Sat


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