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Ultracarb, Supercarb

FrankeTM compatible water filter cartridges

These are DoultonTM SupercarbTM and UltracarbTM cartridges (aka candles) are from Fairey Ceramics, in Staffordshire.

Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited (FICL), based in the United Kingdom, is the sole manufacturer of the world-famous range of DoultonTM ceramic drinking water filters. With over 150 years continuous manufacturing experience and with DoultonTM and British BerkefeldTM water filters in use in 140 countries world-wide, FICL is a global leader in water purification, helping to provide safe, clean, filtered drinking water to millions of people every day.

We can supply the full range of DoultonTM and British BerkefieldTM cartridges and candles. Below are the two filter cartridges compatible with FrankeTM & Carron PhoenixTM filters.

New Supercarb cartridge
AVX01 & FRX01 compatible
Price: £37.95


New Ultracarb cartridge
AVX02 & FRX02 compatible
Price: £42.95


While we build the web pages for the full range, please contact us for other DoultonTM cartridges.

If you want you make sure that either of the two water filter cartridges below are a match for your system, you need to remove your existing cartridge and look for the two O rings:


O ring A is on top of the thread and just below the tip.

O ring B is at the bottom of the thread.

Also, your filter cartridge may have a black ring on the bottom with lettering:
For AVX01 or FRX01 use the Supercarb candles.

For AVX02 or FRX02 use the Ultracarb candles

But the Ultracarb candle also deals with lead, so if lead is not a concern, then the Supercarb candle is ideal and completely interchangeable with the Ultracarb.

Some 3 way Triple Flow tap manufacturers have recently changed the bottom of the filter housing so that at least as efficient, compatible but less expensive cartridges do not fit.
If your filter housing has a slightly rounded bottom; either of the cartridges will fit.
If your filter housing has a flat bottom; only the Ultracarb will fit.

PRICES: For British Mainland, the price you see is the total price you pay (including delivery)
at the extra cost elsewhere - please see "Cart" after you have made your choice.

Prefer to phone? Need some help? Real people on 01945 589583 9.00am to 6.30pm Mon - Sat


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