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Whole house systems

For Whole House systems, we have packaged Moby systems together in different discounted quantities. Please click on the little picture buttons for bigger pictures and details.

Whole House Water Filter System 2
A pair of Mobys with installation kits
Whole House Water Filter System 3
A trio of Mobys with installation kits
Whole House Water Filter System 4
A quartet of Mobys with installation kits
Whole House Water Filter System 5
A quintet of Mobys with installation kits


In the main, UK public water supplies are to a very good standard, clean and slightly alkaline (the opposite of acidic). Mechanical filtration, say 20 to 50 microns, is a waste of time and money for most of us.


The problems we all have are:

The chlorine disinfectant dosed in to the water to kill bacteria. Residual chlorine, THMs & chloramines are the cause of the offensive taste and smell.

Trihalomethanes (THMs - carcinogenic chlorine disinfection byproducts).

Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs, eg pesticides, herbicides).

Chloramines, PAHs, PCBs, MTBE.

Chlorine is toxic (and needs to be to kill the bacteria).

Skin and other allergy problems are often ascribed to water hardness but hardness is caused by calcium and, perhaps, a little magnesium, both of which are essential minerals. We suggest the above are the more likely causes but if you want to to deal with hardness, please see the FAQs page. Water hardness does not cause taste and odour issues.


The solution is the MOBY system with activated carbon block cartridges which will remove the unwanted residual chlorine and contaminants described above.


There are no practical or technical difficulties in fitting a single 'Moby' water filter system to the incoming supply;.
But, we have to tell you that Whole House filtration with a single 'Moby' water filter (or any other acticated carbon filter) on the mains incoming supply is not a good idea because the filter will remove the chlorine anti-bacterial disinfection deliberately dosed by your water supply company.
This means that there is a risk of bacteria and biofilm build up in your pipework and tanks in particular.


This is a potential health hazard.


Whole house filtration only adds around 1/10th of a penny per litre but by far the greater proportion of domestic water is flushed to drain.The water supply companies estimate that the average consumption in a typical household is 175 litres per person per day of which the larger proportion never comes in to contact with people - internally (drinking & cooking) or externally (washing, bathing & showering).


A far superior recommended method is to plumb-in the in-line 'Moby' system to each cold tap or group of cold taps and the cold feed to the hot water system. In this way you can target only those outlets that need filtration at the point of use and, for example, not filter the water to the toilets, utility room and outside tap. A little more expensive at first but far cheaper to run.


With a little planning, the number of filters can be minimised. For example, if your bath and bathroom sink are close together you could filter both with just one system. We recommend that the pipe run from the filter to the furthest point-of-use is 2 metres or les

Water filter cartridge life is 45,000 litres (around 10,000 gallons).


To filter all the cold water to one tap, click on this picture >>All Cold WaterTap Filter


For undersink drinking water filters click this picture >>Click now for all the drinking water filters


PRICES: For British Mainland, the price you see is the total price you pay (including delivery)
at the extra cost elsewhere - please see "Cart" after you have made your choice.

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