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TERMS: Fountain Filters:

Domestic residential customers:

The financial transaction will not take place until your goods are ready for dispatch.

All orders are processed within 1 working day.

Dispatch is usually next day but please allow 7 working days.

Please include your email address and Phone Number so that we can contact you in the unlikely event of a problem. We never call or Email for any other reason.


Prices: Our prices are valid for 30 days after the day you visited this web site. Given the current volatile nature of the metal markets, we are unable to give any warning of price rises. Price changes will be made as neccessary but we will honour the 30 day promise. If you do not want order at the time of your visit, please print the pages for the products of your interest (which you ought to do anyway) or save / bookmark the pages in your favourites. We will then be able to validate your claim for any pre-change price.


Buying from Fountain Filters gives you the same protection and rights as if your are buying from a reputable High Street retailer. In addition, we are adherents of the 'Distance Selling Regulations' operated, regulated and enforced by the 'Office of Fair Trading.

These regulations apply to all EU countries - not just the United Kingdom.


For more information, please click this link >> Consumers Rights, Office of Fair Trading


The law of England applies regardless of goods destination.


Non-domestic residential,ie commercial, customers please read on


Fountain Filters


1.    Definitions
       1.1 The term 'Buyer' shall mean the person, firm or company so named
             in the Purchase Order and/or on the Credit or Debit Card.
       1.2 The term 'Company' shall mean Fountain Filters.
       1.3 The term 'Goods' shall mean all goods and services covered by
            the Purchase Order.
       1.4 The term 'Purchase Order' shall mean Buyer's Purchase Order
             issued to Company from the Internet web site""
             as transmitted by the host ISP.
       1.5 The term 'Contract' shall mean the Contract between Buyer and
            Company consisting of the published details at the internet web site
            "", the Purchase Order, and any documents
             issued with the Purchase Order and these conditions.  
2.    Conditions
       Where Buyer's Conditions (if any) conflict with Company's Conditions set
       out herein, Company's Conditions only will govern the contract except other
       Conditions agreed by Buyer and Company and confirmed in writing.
3.    Delivery Date
      Company will diligently and honorably plan to deliver the Goods within
       7 working days of receipt of Buyers Purchase Order unless agreed
       otherwise by Buyer and Company and confirmed in writing.
4.    Passing of property and risk
       The risk in the Goods shall remain in Company until the Goods are
       delivered to the correct delivery point specified in the Purchase Order,
       whereupon the risk in the goods is transferred to Buyer. The property
       in the Goods shall remain in Company until Buyer has paid the agreed
       price in full. In the event that Buyer fails to pay the agreed price in full,
       Company reserves the right to recover the Goods.
5.    Terms of Payment
       Unless agreed otherwise by Buyer and Company and confirmed in writing,
       Buyer shall pay the agreed price by debit or credit card at the time of
       the Purchase Order.
6.    Extent of liability
       Company's total liability in the Contract is restricted to the total value of the
       Contract and Buyer shall make any claim, in writing, within thirty days of
       delivery of the Goods. Buyer shall not make any claim for loss of profits or
       consequential loss or liquidated damages whatsoever or howsoever arising.
7.    Loss or damage in transit
       Buyer shall advise Company in writing, otherwise than by a qualified signature
       on any delivery note, of any loss or partial loss, damage, defects or non-delivery
       of a consignment or part of a consignment within seven days of the
       date of delivery.
8.    Right of Rejection
      If Goods delivered by Company do not conform with the Contract or Order in all
      respects Buyer shall have the right to reject such Goods within seven days
      from the time of their delivery. Making of payment shall not prejudice Buyer's
      right of rejection. Company shall replace or repair all Goods agreed as
      rejected as soon as reasonably practical.
9.    Force majeure
       Neither Buyer nor Company shall be liable for failure to perform their obligations
       in the Contract if such failure results from circumstances which could not have
       been contemplated or are beyond either party's control.
10.  Insolvency and bankruptcy
       If Buyer becomes insolvent or bankrupt or (being a company) makes an
       arrangement with it's creditors or has an administrative receiver or administrator
       appointed or commences to be wound up (other than for the purposes of
       amalgamation or reconstruction) Company may, without prejudice to any other
       of Company's rights, terminate the Contract forthwith by notice to Buyer or any
       person in whom the contract may have become vested.
11.  General Conditions in the Tender
       All conditions submitted or referred to by Company when tendering shall form
       part of the Contract unless otherwise agreed in writing by Company.
12.    Warranty
    12.1    Company warrants that the Goods supplied are free from errors and defects
              in design, material and workmanship, and that the Goods conform in all
              respects with the Order or subsequent variations as agreed between
              Company and Buyer.
    12.2    The Standard warranty offered shall consist of a statutory twelve month
              off site (i.e. Return To Base) warranty unless stated otherwise at the Internet
              web site "". In addition to the Standard 12 month
              warranty, there is a 'reducing' warranty for a further 2 years and the details
              are available on the link "Warranty Details" at the foot of this page.
    12.3    In the event that the Goods become faulty within the warranty period,
              Buyer may return the Goods to Company and Company shall repair or
              replace the Goods within 28 days of receipt.
    12.4    Company reserves the right to offer additional warranties specific to the
              needs and circumstances of Buyer, such warranties will be subject to
              additional reasonable conditions agreed in writing between Buyer and
    12.5    In the event that Buyer does not conform to the terms of payment stated
              in Clause 5 above, the warranty shall be reduced to the statutory minimum.
13.    Value Added Tax. Company is not registered.
14.    Buyer's Statutory Rights
         Buyer's statutory rights are not affected by these Conditions and it is not
         Company's intention in setting out these Conditions to avoid Company's
         responsibilities. Company accepts it's obligations to honour Buyer's statutory
15.    Construction of Contract
        The construction, validity and performance of the Contract shall be governed
        by the law of England.


Fountain Filters adheres to the "Distance Selling Regulations". Please use the link below to "Returns and Privacy Policies".


For our brochure and CD, please contact us.

PRICES: For British Mainland, the price you see is the total price you pay (including delivery)
at the extra cost elsewhere - please see "Cart" after you have made your choice.

Prefer to phone? Need some help? Real people on 01945 589583 9.00am to 6.30pm Mon - Sat


This is the basket Message

This is the basket Message